The 2018 Trends in Giving Report and What It Means For Youth Pastors

The times, they are a changin. But you already knew that.

The 2018 Trends in Giving report reveals some clear numbers around what many in church finances have been feeling for some time.

Check out the full report here, for free.

A few things we think are important:

Around 60% of North Americans prefer to give to charitable causes via online credit or debit options. This is a HUGE shift for churches, who traditionally have received gifts only via check and cash up until about ten years ago. Within this, it’s important to know that the user experience on a web page is vitally important to what’s known as conversion rate. Meaning, someone wants to give, but either can’t find your giving page, or its too complex, or too long, or to frustrating, or __________.

Good news for us YP’s! Youth and Children is the number one category across the world that folks are most likely to give to. This means if you’re trying to find money for camps, mission trips, interns, or to remodel your youth room…you could be some solid story telling away from people begging you to take their money! How churches alert their congregations to the needs of their youth and children programs are directly corresponding to those needs being met.

I like to think of it like this: whenever we can pair a person’s passions with their resources, we’ve got a winning combination of them feeling like their gift truly matters. Trends reveal this increases likelihood of repeat giving, and increased giving over time. Essentially, buy in. How can you as a YP help create buy in for your congregation with the Youth Ministry you’re the pastor for? Answer this question, and watch the floodgates open!

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