The Worst Month To Be a YP

There’s good news at the bottom of this blog. I promise. Anyways…

I was hired for my first full-time gig in the Spring of 2008, with a July 1 start date. The church was stoked to “have me on board in time to get things rolling for the Fall.” Every church wants to get youth group up and running with the school year. It’s one of the unwritten rules.

That first year, I crushed it. We gave the youth space a face lift, built a student worship team, added some key volunteers, launched the church’s first ever youth small group structure, and saw the group grow numerically, while students brought friends who gave their lives to Christ.

It was a win.

Then, in May, I had Youth Group on a Tuesday, and Wednesday morning was called into an “emergency Personnel Committee meeting” that evening where I was told that the new Senior Pastor the church had hired sent a letter letting me know that he wanted to bring in his own guy to run the youth program and my services were no longer needed.

Just in time to do a summer search, and get a person on board in time to get their program off the ground in the Fall. Sound familiar?

It’s the same story many of us have lived before. Some churches can be heartless in that way. But at some weird fundamental level, we get it.

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Here’s to hoping the worst part of your May is seeing these JT pics pop up everywhere. Happy hunting for the rest of you!

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